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Lifting and Firming Buttocks Package

The aging process often leaves gluteal muscles soft and sagging. Miracles Body Spa has created a custom package to lift and firm the buttocks making you look and feel more beautiful and confident in your own skin. By using multiple procedures and state of the art equipment, Miracle’s creates noticeable, lasting results.

1. Peeling Ultrasonic

The Ultra Sonic machine provides deep cleaning, exfoliation and pore refining. By removing dead skin cells, dirt and debris, this cleansing process prepares the area to absorb the Miracle’s cocktail of vitamins deep into the skin.

2. Radio Frequency

The Radio Frequency machine heats the tissue stimulating sub-dermal collagen production, while boosting blood flow and breaking down cellulite. It tightens skin, resulting in lifting, firming, increased elasticity and improved skin tone.

3. Brazilian Butt Lift

This non-surgical process repositions, raises and tightens the muscles in the gluteus by using low electrical stimulation. This creates contractions in the muscles that lift, re-shape and re-contour sagging muscle.

4. Sculpting Vacuum

The Sculpting Vacuum lifts cellulite away from the muscle encouraging blood flow and increasing lymphatic drainage. This results in the breaking down subcutaneous fat and cellulite removal leaving the affected area shaped and sculpted.

5. Derma Pen

The Derma Pen uses 36 micro needles in a stamp-like vibration motion creating micro channels in the superficial layers of your skin. These channels allow Miracle’s custom cocktail of serums, specifically designed for improving tone and texture in the buttocks, to penetrate deep into the skin. The Derma Pen improves skin tone, texture and color, reducing acne scares and stretch marks, tightening and lifting.

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Eight Sessions


* 2 sessions per week, for 4 weeks

* Maintaining the proper schedule is crucial for optimal results.