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Skin Rejuvenation Package

Miracle’s has utilized the experience working in the health and beauty industry to create a custom package producing the best results for her clients.

Most facial consultants use only one equipment to beautify, however Miracle’s uses four different equipment to provide a more comprehensive range of benefits.

1. Peeling UltraSonic

The Ultra Sonic provides deep cleaning, exfoliation and pore refining.

It leaves skin feeling brighter and softer.

2. Radio Frequency

The Radio Frequency heats the facial tissue stimulating sub-dermal collagen production. 

It tightens skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines, lifting and firming, helping to control acne and shrink pores.

3. DermaPen

The DermaPen uses 36 microneedles in a stamp-like vibration motion creating micro channels in the superficial layers of your face. 

These channels allow Miracle’s custom cocktail of facial serums (such as pure Vitamin C, collagen, Q10, hyaluronic acid and multivitamins) to penetrate deep into the skin.
The Dermapen improves skin tone, texture and color, reducing acne scars, tightening and lifting.

4. Cryotherapy

The cryotherapy utilizes a cold massage probe across your face, perfect for cooling and calming your skin, while enhancing the absorption of Miracle’s custom cocktail of facial serums. 

The cryotherapy process enhances the absorption of nutrients deep into your skin, provides relief of discomfort and decreases inflammation after DermaPen usage, increase blood circulation, promotes relaxation, deep skin hydration all while detoxifying and shrinking pores.

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"I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare, you really won’t need a lot of make-up "

- Demi Moore

2 Sessions - $255.00

4 treatments in 1 week.

* Maintaining the proper schedule is crucial for optimal results.