• Waist Reduction Package CALL Waist Reduction Package

Waist Reduction Package

These packages target all areas of the upper body – lower and upper abdominals, side abdominals and waist, as well as upper and lower back.

The combination of these state of the art equipment, along with the years of education and experience of the professionals from Miracle’s Body & Spa, will reduce the size and appearance of fat in your midsection.

Following detailed intervals over a precise time period will create noticeable, long-lasting results.

1. Ultrasonic Cavitation

The Ultrasonic Cavitation targets localized fat deposits and removes cellulite without surgery. It uses sound wave vibrations to cause instantaneous explosion of fat cells.

This causes a reduction in the actual number of fat cells, which are then removed through normal metabolic processes, leaving your skin tightened and toned.

2. Sculpting Vacuum

The Sculpting Vacuum lifts cellulite away from the muscle encouraging blood flow and increasing lymphatic drainage.
This results in the breaking down subcutaneous fat and cellulite removal leaving the affected area shaped and sculpted.

3. Electro Stimulation – Gym Kotz

The Electro Stimulation Gym Kotz uses low electrical impulses to create muscle contractions in the targeted areas.

This ultra advanced equipment utilizes multiple protocols to create customized results for each specific client; for example: improving vascular and lymphatic circulation; reducing swelling; firming, toning and increasing muscle mass; breaking down residual fat deposits and preventing varicose veins.

4. Tightening & Firming Radio Frequency

The Radio Frequency creates a deep, controlled heating of fatty layers under the skin dissolving excess fats and toxins and eliminating them through sweat glands.

This process increases oxygenation in the tissue, increases skin tone, elasticity and collagen production.

5. DoTerra Slim & Sassy Blend

Doterra’s Slim & Sassy pure essential oil is known to promote a healthy metabolism and manage hunger cravings when ingested.

The proprietary blend of Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon is also used topically in combination with other reduction equipment to enhance slimming results.

6. Mesotherapy

During the mesotherapy procedure, electro stimulation causes micro-channels in the skin to open so that high quality serums can penetrate deep into the tissues.

These needle-free injections allow Miracle's Body Spa to utilize her custom made, specific reduction cocktails to leave the skin feeling softer and smoother and with fewer fatty deposits.

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"Nothing worth having is ever easy to come by. The same goes for a healthy life. There may be some hard decisions and a lot of discipline, but when you get what you earn you will appreciate it so much more."

Upper and Lower Abdominals


  • 1 Hour per session.
10 sessions total, 2 sessions per week for 5 weeks.

Upper and Lower Back Reduction


  • 1 Hour per session.
10 sessions total, 2 sessions per week for 5 weeks.

Side Abdominals and Waist


  • 1 Hour per session.
10 sessions total, 2 sessions per week for 5 weeks.

Total Abdominal Reduction Package $1750
Discount : $225.00
Total : $1525.00

  • Upper, lower, side abdominals and waist.
  • 1 Hour and 30 minutes per session.
10 sessions total, 2 sessions per week for 5 weeks.

* Maintaining the proper schedule is crucial for optimal results.